Thank you note to my son

Next month, my son is turning 9. That means mi cielo is almost 9 years old too, which is so hard to believe! 

When I started sewing felt appliques onto my son's store-bought bodysuits to make them a bit more original and unique, I NEVER EVER thought this process would turn into a business. Never in a million years I imagined that it would bring me incredible opportunities to collaborate with so many amazing artists and companies such as Donald Robertson, Dreamworks Animation, Nickelodeon, etc.!!! Life is crazy like that. 

Before I had my son, I was working for a law firm as a paralegal and court translator. I did not not like the job. It was a challenging position in many ways, but it was rewarding also. The pay was decent and it was stable. It felt good to be able to help people in need too. But, there was not one day that I woke up in the morning feeling super excited about my job. That's how I feel every morning now! I open my eyes and think about what I am going to create today, which designs I am going to put together. The new ideas overflow out of me sometimes. I know that I am very lucky to have an occupation that makes me feel that way everyday. 

Do what you love... It's so easy to say but such a hard thing to do. My son gave me this amazing gift to me. Thank you…

Kayo Master

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